Kirsten is one of the most dynamic, amazing women I have ever met in my life. Four years ago at my first networking event in Chicago she pulled me out of the corner with her warm and engaging personality. Kirsten has watched out for me ever since that day. She is not only caring, compassionate and energetic, but she also knows every aspect of sales and business. She has an uncanny ability to understand the internal dynamics of both individuals and companies. She quickly picks up on limiting beliefs that keep people from being their best, and helps individuals and companies break through immense barriers until they reach personal and professional success. Kirsten is loyal and will never leave your side. She is a consummate cheerleader, and can always see amazing possibilities for you. The world is in need of more Kirstens!!!
Deena Giordano Ullom, Partner and Counselor in Law at Nyberg & Cassioppi