"I am living proof that personal, business and sales coaching work," says Kirsten Zoub, growth catalyst for Dasein. "It has given me the awareness - and power - to create a nourishing family and fulfilling professional life in the face of challenges. It also motivated me to find the courage and determination to start and build a number of successful businesses. Sharing my experience and training with others has helped them move beyond their personal blocks, and double or triple their sales."

Kirsten draws upon many resources to paint a picture of unlimited possibilities for those who work with her. She is a serial entrepreneur, coach, additionally has earned certification in cognitive training and group facilitation, certified massage therapist, Reiki Master and certified herbalist. Before starting Dasein, she was the Head of Sales for Wright, a leadership organization in Chicago, and remains a member of its adjunct faculty.

"Dasein" is the German word for "being there", and life or existence in the present moment. Kirsten explains, "We all have the choice of how we 'design our Dasein', and my clients and I are engaging in the present moment together to explore that choice. From that space there's nothing more thrilling than seeing vision, honesty, understanding, and empowerment come together to create a fresh, new place where people and companies can transform!"